First things first... where I come from, who I owe it all... Mom. <3 Colored pencil on paper. 2015
Now, my second best girl friend, as my Art Nouveau Muse. Mixed media on paper. 2016
Shih Tzu baby Griffin, soft pastels on paper. 2015
Now, nothing special about this one's technique, I just really love the warped perspective. Whoever is familiar with Eames Room will know how it makes sense. :) Markers on paper (I hate markers). 2015
Some Warhol inspired art, with a even more commercial and current twist. Crayon on paper. 2015
My Elephant Parade tribute. I love elephants <3<3<3. Acrylic on plaster. 2014
And last but definitely not least, my first piece of a steel series. Endlich #1. Spray paint on steel. 2016

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